The SHINE Initiative


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"Rest and Respite" (R&R) Programs

Serving: 5 mothers

Areas: Available to women from all over Tarrant County

The funds from The SHINE Initiative will support Gladney's Rest & Respite Program which provides free options for counseling, temporary childcare, and adoption planning services (if desired) for moms with babies under the age of one who have become overwhelmed and seek options to know what to do.

The R&R Program gives each mom the time she needs to decide what is best for her and her baby. Gladney seeks to meet each woman where she is, and commonly hear that a woman's time with the organization is the first time she has felt genuinely cared for, accepted, and empowered. Whether a mom decides to continue to parent her child or to make an adoption plan, Gladney provides guidance and resources to help the mom be successful.