The SHINE Initiative



Lighting Up The Room

Serving: 80 girls

Areas: Fort Worth

Funding from The SHINE Initiative will support the "Lighting Up the Room" program featuring a six-week etiquette course for 9th and 10th graders at YWLA.

A successful woman is one who knows how to carry herself the instant she walks into a room, sits down to a formal table setting, picks up the phone to make an introduction, or begins selling herself in an interview.
"Lighting Up the Room" will be new to YWLA, and fuel the commitment of this unique school "to enhance academic achievement and offer leadership opportunities that promote the success of every student in college, career and life."
This course will be offered in the fall for ninth graders, and spring for 10th graders over a 6-week period. This timing is intentional and meets several goals built into the mission of YWLA. Health and Wellness, College & Career Readiness, and Leadership & Service are the three Pillars ingrained into the curriculum at YWLA. This well-rounded etiquette course is in perfect alignment with the "leg-up" YWLA is committed to giving their students.