The SHINE Initiative


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"Lunch with the Girls"

Serving: 60 youth; 200 females total

Areas: Fort Worth

Funding from The SHINE Initiative will support the "Lunch with the Girls" event. This event provides young ladies in the Clubs with positive role models with whom they can share a meal, learn, and enjoy remarks from an inspirational speaker.

The goal of "Lunch with the Girls" is to provide women in Fort Worth with the opportunity to mentor young ladies from the Club. In anticipation of the event, girls are chosen by their branch directors as being "active members" and "stand-out" leaders. Meanwhile, women in the community are invited to participate and mentor attendees. Together, this unique opportunity allows for a full-circle experience where the girls are inspired by the women to press forward with their education, and through life's challenges. Likewise, the women are inspired by the girls and rewarded by taking an active role in their mentorship.