The SHINE Initiative

SHINE's Story

The SHINE Initiative, founded in 2008, is a registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization based in Fort Worth, Texas.

SHINE's Story

For a decade, The SHINE Initiative has evolved to meet the needs of girls and women so they can live productive purposeful lives.

One mission: Five focus areas.

Our mission is to ensure that girls and women are Safe, Healthy, Inspired, Nurtured, and Educated. We believe when these five components of life come together in a positive way, they build a solid foundation for a person to live more fully with purpose.

In short, we encourage girls and women to live lives that shine.

Working with dedicated corporate, community, and church leaders, The SHINE Initiative has reached thousands of girls and moms since its creation. Today, SHINE funds nonprofit organizations in Tarrant County through its annual Rise and SHINE Grant Program.

It began with the belief that everyone was made to SHINE

Staci Kirpach and Tiffany Mayne co-founded The SHINE Initiative in 2008 in New Braunfels, Texas. The organization was founded on the belief that every person was uniquely created by a God who loves them and made them to SHINE. The SHINE Initiative focused its outreach toward middle school and high school girls, their moms, and mentors to ensure girls and women were Safe, Healthy, Inspired, Nurtured, and Educated. 

Igniting others to reach thousands

Over the years, The SHINE Initiative has collaborated with community organizations, church leaders, and volunteers to impact the lives of girls and moms through annual conferences, monthly programs, a six-week curriculum, and online outreach. In 2011, the New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce awarded SHINE's co-founders a Chair of the Board Award in the Field of Youth Development. In 2012, the organization was humbly selected as a co-recipient of the substantial proceeds from the Americana Music Jam charity concert.

Growing and illuminating

Due to personal growth and changes in the lives of our co-founders, The SHINE Initiative relocated its headquarters from New Braunfels to Fort Worth in 2016. With the move, Staci Kirpach saw firsthand the wonderful work being done in Tarrant County.  So many people and organizations seemed to share our belief that every girl and woman was made to SHINE. In an effort to support the life-changing programs of these existing organizations, SHINE revised its structure, but not its mission.

Today, our goal is to encourage and equip service providers to expand or introduce program offerings for local girls and women in our five key areas of focus: Safety, Health, Inspiration, Nurturing, and Education.

Light the way

The need to encourage constructive life choices and build compassionate communities is greater than ever.As an all volunteer organization, 100% of the donations we receive go directly to support the programs and efforts of The SHINE Initiative and its annual Rise and SHINE Grant Program.

Join us on the journey to ensure that girls and women are Safe, Healthy, Inspired, Nurtured and Educated.