The SHINE Initiative

The SHINE Initiative

The SHINE Initiative exists to ensure girls and women are Safe, Healthy, Inspired, Nurtured, and Educated.

Light the Way

In a world often darkened by doubt and difficulty, The SHINE Initiative believes that every person was uniquely created and made to SHINE.

Our mission is to ensure that girls and women are Safe, Healthy, Inspired, Nurtured, and Educated. When these five components come together in a positive way, they build a solid foundation for a person to live more fully with purpose.

In short, we encourage girls and women to live lives that shine.

But that doesn't happen by accident.  You have to take the initiative. Please join us on our journey to positively impact the lives of girls and women who are ready to SHINE.



Every person should be encouraged and equipped to live a life that shines. Find out more about what that means for the girls and women in your community.

Apply for funding

The SHINE Initiative funds nonprofit organizations in Tarrant County through our annual Rise and SHINE Grant Program.


Show the girls and women of today that you care about their safety, health, inspiration, nurturing, and education. Connect with us.

Support our mission

The SHINE Initiative can help your donations go further through our relationships, research, and resources.


You were uniquely created, made to shine.
— The SHINE Initiative


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